Julie Galeeva-McCollum

Julie Galeeva was born in 1969, in Moscow. In 1986 she started attending the Moscow Architectural Institute. She participated in the Student's Art Show in Moscow, Geneva, and Vienna. She won a competitive project in the workshop of Professor Khrustaev. In 1991, she graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute with "summa cum laude" honors. She has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions. She is a member of the Moscow Association of Artists, the International Federation of Artists, UNESCO, and the International Art Fund. Her highly individual and imaginative style is a result of blending her formal training in architecture with her natural artistic abilities and classical European schooling. She has had numerous shows in Russia, and many others worldwide, including London, various European countries, Japan, and the UAE. Since January 2000, Julie has resided and worked on Maui. Her paintings are meticulous in detail and follow the best artistic traditions.

Her paintings combine the understanding of space through the eyes of an artist and a trained architect. Attractive cityscapes executed in her highly individual manner and imaginative styles are painted with her pallet knife, creating a thickly textured surface, then finely brushed.

Poetry and the classical severity of the 19th century penetrate her Russian landscapes. She thinks that the creation of her work is a method of exploring the surrounding world, which is a continuous process. She paints from nature, and it seems that she transfers the poetry and music of landscape onto canvas, and invites us to enjoy the flow of rhythm and color and light. Many of these works are kept in private collections in Germany, Italy, and Novickom Bank (Russia).

Julie's series of mystical reality paintings with elements of genre symbolism are like fantastic dreams created by her imagination. These paintings are set off by a rare combination of light and a positive attitude to life in a bright fairytale fantasy. Her architectural education reflects in the distinct choice of lines weaving an astonishing sense of reality. This series of "mystical reality" has an energetic style combined with tenderness, attract many admirers.

It is truly amazing; there is such a wide spectrum of styles that are encompassed in her works, that you’d think there is more than one artist in her gallery, but the gallery features Julie’s work exclusively! Her range is so astonishing you have to see it to believe it. The unique way she builds texture gives a three-dimensional look that bring a sense of reality to her paintings. Needless to say, they are already creating quite a stir in Maui’s art scene. Many of her clients are pleasantly surprised that, they can afford an original by Julie, instead purchasing an expensive print elsewhere. One of her newest collectors commented that, "My discovery of her gallery was like finding pearls," and "Her art is definitely the most eclectic on Maui, a definite must see!" Also, Julie says to tell everyone that, if you don’t see what you are looking for in the gallery, you’re invited to meet with her, and she will create your own special piece you’ve been dreaming about. This can be your chance to start collecting from a renowned European artist, now rising in the USA.

"My art is inspired by my great passion for life and the beauty that surrounds me," Julie says. What she fails to mention is that her cityscapes have received wide recognition and arouse constant interest among collectors and art lovers in Russia, Europe, London, Japan, and the UAE.In 1998, President Boris Yeltsin presented Ms Galeeva with the "President’s Award" for her series that honored the beauty of Moscow’s architecture.

In October of 2002 her still-life, Mom’s Table" was selected for the cover of the 2003 edition, "New Art International," distributed to over 20,000 galleries, by Book Art Press of NY. Here’s what they had to say about her: "An artist with the ability to stimulate utterly different sensations of applications she shifts subject matter and approach, Julie Galeeva McCollum invests her scenes with an astutely imparted perception of area."

In 2002 Julie and her husband, John, opened their gallery in the upcountry town called Makawao, loved by art collectors. You can meet Julie, and watch her create masterpieces at the Makawao gallery, weekdays or by appointment. If you’re on your way Upcountry, it’s definitely worth making the stop at the gallery, located in the heart of Makawao, right on the corner of Baldwin and Makawao Avenues.